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This is a summary of what’s new on the site – updated through May 2010

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June 2010

The Free Library has had the following added -

  • Free Presentations
    • Debugging – The Series – this is the beginning of a many-part series that explains the internal operation of various Indicator and Automatic Analysis operations and how to debug different types of execution and performance issues.

May 2010

The Free Library has had the following added -

  • Free Code
    • DirsFiles - routines to get a CSV list of directories and a CSV list of files that match name and extension masks
  • Free Articles
    • Connecting to Excel - part two of the Excel series with an routine and example of how to establish a simple reliable connection, and to get and put cell data


March 2010

The Free Library has had the following added -

  • Free Code
    • PeriodSig - a function to generate signals of a given frequency and offet that are used in rotational or buy/sell backtests
  • Free Articles
    • InvestCash - a routine to invest free cash in a backtest into a designated index ticker without account for the individual transactions


December 2009

The Free Library has had the following added -

  • Free Articles
    • Excel and Amibroker – overview of a multi-part series about the use of Excel to enhance Amibroker and to speed up development and analysis
    • Indicator Cache – dealing with the lengthy re-calculation of indicators every time an Amibroker chart pane is re-drawn


November 2009

As we prepare to open subscriptions I will be uploading some example “subsets” of what is planned for subscriber content.  We will also announce a special offer and a free charting app to early subscribers.  More info to come ….

The Free Library has had the following added -

  • Free Code
    • ListAvg – function to calculate an equal-weighted average of a list of tickers
  • Free Articles
    • ListAvg – uses and examples and an explanation of the short-comings of cap-weighted and price-weighted averages


September - October 2009

Initial content was added to the free areas in order to show the approaches that will be taken in more detail in the subscriber area.

The Free Library has had the following added -

  • Free Code
    • DateRange – parameters for the selection of three types of date ranges
    • ColorSchemes – parameters for various commonly used background color settings
    • BoilerPlate – AFL and user interface settings for backtest
  • Free Articles
    • PercentRank - a useful indicator and an example of an important array logic pattern
    • Leveraged Funds and ETF’s – explanation of the important differences
    • FullName Search – an example of the various Web 2.0 presentation options for a search utility
  • Free Presentations
    • Batman – Amibroker batch utility – a screen-cam movies about basic Batman operation
    • Optimization 101 - a screen-cam movie primer about optimization and walk-forward testing

The Store has had the following added and available for purchase

  • Amibroker 101
    • 3 FREE sample videos comprising approx. 2 hours – available to registered users
    • Almost 10 hours of instructional movies available for purchase targeted to new Amibroker users
  • Amibroker 201
    • 4 sample video segments - to assess the course
    • Almost 8 hours of instructional movies related to intermediate topics and the use of Automatic Analysis
  • Trading Systems
    • 4 sample video segments – to assess the course
    • Dr. Howard Bandy’s class – Design, Testing, and Validation of Trading Systems

On the Research / Survey page, a survey has been opened to solicit preferences for what chapters from Dr. Bandy’s first book should be covered in short tutorials.

The Forums have been opened.

Remember, registration is FREE !  Feedback. comment, and suggestions are welcome!  Our goal is to make this a user driven site that maximizes your Amibroker experience.


If you want to see what is planned, click the following -

What's Planned

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